Words Worth A Thousand Pictures

Crushing the Cliche That A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Alice had always looked up to Ruth.

At 18, she was everything Alice wanted to be: gorgeous, vivacious, sophisticated, mysterious, alluring. All the boys stuttered and blushed when they talked to her. A wink and a nod from her and any one of them would do anything she asked.

Alice observed her carefully to follow her every move—the way she tossed her hair and giggled, how she applied make-up, the clothes she wore, even the words she used.

She was 32 years old, suffering through a loveless marriage in a dusty trailer park on the edge of town, before she realized that half the things Ruth had done were just to see what she could get away with and how many people would follow her.


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One thought on “Co-Dependence

  1. Heather Burton on said:

    Hm. I find myself transported to all the dusty, patched-grass trailer parks I’ve visited. The smell of grease is right here, right now. What is it about trailer parks? I can think of one time the people I met were happy — it was a retirement park, with restrictive covenants on lawn ornaments and such.

    What is it about the edge of town? Something’s coming…

    Very interesting take on the photo, Steve.

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